Reboot – Smart marketing tactics to grow your business

Monday 19 October 2020

Tim Doyle of Koala and Canva, shares efficient and innovative ways to reach new customers

How has the marketing landscape changed since the Covid pandemic? We’ll rethink digital and offline advertising channels including radio, outdoor, Facebook, YouTube as well as opportunities you may not have considered before. We’ll look at what’s working, what’s overpriced and how to efficiently reach new customers and grow your business. This session is for retail and hospitality businesses, professional services, creative industries and startups.

Webinar outcomes:

• Learn best practice placement tactics using Facebook, YouTube, Search, and other digital advertising opportunities to drive thousands of leads to your website
• Use automated email campaigns, retargeting and other tactics to increase customer conversions
• Learn to craft and test advertising content and tell stories that enhance your brand and drive conversions
• Watch as Tim workshops with 2 Sydney businesses just like yours. He’ll evaluate their use of social media and offline media campaigns and show them what changes to make to reach and convert more customers at lower cost.

This event will be facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, cofounder of Zambesi.