Reboot - Tactics to grow your business fast

How is growth marketing different to traditional marketing? And how can every business harness the tactics of fast-growing tech startups? This event will cover the foundations of growth marketing as well as special hacks that companies like Brighte have used to grow quickly during the recent pandemic. This session will provide an insight into the growth structure of tech companies and is especially relevant for startups and small businesses looking to acquire, convert and retain new customers.

Webinar outcomes:

  • Understand the principles of growth marketing [RK1] to launch and measure adoption of new products

  • Learn the 19 channels for customer acquisition and how to pick which are most suitable for your business

  • Understand why customers who show interest in your product don't convert and how to bring them back

  • Learn how businesses like Brighte are taking advantage of new and unusual opportunities during the pandemic to grow rapidly

  • See how the startup growth marketing framework is used to workshop the marketing strategy of 2 Sydney businesses including a bricks and mortar retail business.