Reboot - Refocus your business strategy

Learn how to develop an effective annual plan and recalibrate your business operations with Dr Kathryn Ritchie of Ignition Institute.

In uncertain times, it's vital that all businesses have a clear strategic plan. Aligned internal operations and a disciplined operating rhythm are also essential. Dr Kathryn Ritchie shares the key ingredients and priorities of an effective annual plan.

Kathryn will show how to recalibrate business operations in times of change and optimise performance.

Webinar outcomes:

  • Learn the 4 key pillars of an effective annual plan
  • Understand how to structure a business planning workshop with your team - something every business should do twice a year
  • Learn to prioritise
  • Find out how to recalibrate when there's a revenue slowdown, leadership change or an unexpected threat such as a pandemic or new competitor
  • Hear how to align your team so everyone is working at optimum performance
  • Find out how to plan so your business helps you achieve your long-term personal goals as a founder.

This event was facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi.