Reboot – Boost your business with podcasting and books (webinar)

Explore how and why podcasting and books might help to build your brand with experts from Spotify and Booktopia.

Ever wondered if a podcast or book could help raise the profile of your business? Leah Harris is at the helm of developing original podcast content for Spotify and is joined by Mark Harding, head of brand and communications at Booktopia. This event will give you an insight into what makes a podcast or book successful and the key strategies to launch, market and boost your brand.

You'll learn

  • podcast basics including how to get started, what equipment you need and how to structure your content
  • how to understand your audience and identify the right topic, name and brand for your podcast
  • what Spotify looks for in identifying podcasts for promotion on its platform
  • how to work with brands and create a viable business model around your podcast
  • strategies to launch and market books.

This event was facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi.