Reboot - Emotional resilience and leadership during uncertainty

Learn the leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience tactics from Google's top executive training program with Craig Davis of Sendle.

Craig Davis, co-founder of Sendle, is one of a small number of people worldwide certified to lead Google's renowned Search Inside Yourself leadership program outside of the company.

This special event is designed to support Sydney business owners to learn leadership skills, and better understand emotional intelligence, stress and resilience, especially in the context of these challenging times. Craig will share key tactics from Google's exclusive training program and his own insights from 2 decades as one of Australia's most successful marketers and entrepreneurs.

Webinar outcomes

  • Learn and adopt new behaviours to transform your leadership style and become a powerful influencer
  • Boost your personal capacity: become more strategic, focused and get more done
  • Become a true innovator: develop a curious and open mindset, and recognise the power of diversity and adaptive intelligence
  • Enhance your wellbeing: rediscover your sense of purpose, understand your motivation, become better equipped to manage stress and defuse triggers that prevent you from performing at your best.

This event was facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi.