Reboot on demand - Brand Building with Naomi Simson, founder of RedBalloon and Big Red Group.

Learn how to build a brand that connects with your customers and drives growth with Naomi Simson, founder of RedBalloon.

If you want your business to stand out, building and managing its brand is fundamental to its success. In this noisy digital world, it is even more important for your brand to be memorable and have impact. Your brand extends far beyond a logo.

View this recorded session to learn:

  • what brand means

  • how to build a brand

  • the difference between traditional branding and digital branding

  • how to drive growth through branding.

This webinar included an audience question and answer segment with Naomi. The Reboot webinar series is brought to you by the City of Sydney, and proudly supported by the NSW Government's Business Connect program.