Reboot - Rethink your brand strategy

Andre Eikmeier, Vinomofo co-founder, shares creative ways to help your brand stand out and get people talking about you.

In today's hyper-competitive world, very few companies can afford to buy growth. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are becoming more expensive. The only way to break through is to get people talking about you. You need a brand that stands for something, a brand that creates a movement - not one that just transacts customers. In this 1-hour intensive you'll learn how Andre and his team developed the Vinomofo brand and community. You'll gain tips to create the foundation of a brand strategy that'll create a sense of belonging, get people sharing and referring your products, and build a defensible business for the long-term. This webinar is essential information for every business including retail, professional services, agencies, creatives and start-ups.

Webinar outcomes:

  • Rethink your purpose and develop a strong foundation for your brand
  • Understand what drives people to follow a brand. Design a strategy to unite your tribe and create a sense of belonging that generates sustainable growth
  • Define how people should feel when they interact with your brand and how to bring this to life across your product, customer experience, design, voice, content and marketing material
  • Participate as Andre workshops the brand and community strategy with local Sydney businesses just like you.

This event will be facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, cofounder of Zambesi.