Reboot - Tactics to launch and grow your online store

How did Adam Jacobs build Australia's largest online fashion retailer? Why is RedBalloon growing faster than ever in 2021, its 20th year in business?
In this one-off workshop Adam and David will share their tips on digital growth, customer experience and team leadership. They will workshop with Sydney retailers and locally-based eCommerce store owners and suggest how they can improve their stores, attract and convert more customers and grow their businesses.

You'll learn

  • how to launch and grow a massive ecommerce store
  • how mature businesses can accelerate and grow again like a startup
  • the logistics of ordering and managing stock
  • a deeper understanding of millennial audiences
  • how to work with undergraduates and graduates to help grow your business and support learning for the next generation.

This event was facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi.