Creative tools for cut-through with Canva (webinar)

Learn to create beautiful visual content and marketing collateral that will elevate your brand with Matt Leach and Nick Belshaw from Canva Foundation.

In this special event, Matt Leach curriculum designer, and Nick Belshaw design educator for Canva Foundation, take us through creative tools that can easily transform your business communications.

Learn how Canva's creative do-it-yourself graphic design platform helps non-designers create beautiful social media graphics, posters and other marketing content with custom templates.

You'll learn

  • insights on the importance of good design and branding for your business
  • how to develop creative assets that cut through on social media
  • how to use Canva to quickly develop world-class design, advertisements and presentations without hiring expensive agencies or needing complicated design software.

This event was facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi.