Reboot on demand - Nailing your marketing mix

Want to learn how to drive more sales and how to grow your audience? Join this interview with Kelly Slessor, CEO of Shop You, Sandradee Makejev, founder and CEO of St Frock and Sina Klug, founder of Nutie Donuts.

You’ll learn: 

  • which channels, content, and audience growth strategies our guest speakers lean on for success 
  • some of the biggest challenges our guest speakers have faced due to growth 
  • about some of the most successful campaigns from St Frock and Nutie Donuts
  • insights into how to grow followers that love you 
  • which channels should you invest in 
  • insights into conversion, content and paid advertising. 

The Reboot webinar series is brought to you by the City of Sydney, and proudly supported by the NSW Government's Business Connect program.