Reboot - The changing B2B landscape: closing the deal

Learn new marketing and sales tactics to attract B2B customers with Lisa Vitaris, Chief Marketing Officer, Tyro, and Andrew McCarthy, Head of Global Sales, Freelancer.Com

Businesses whose customers are other businesses were particularly impacted by Covid-19. Working from home and other restrictions have made face-to-face meetings and networking events difficult or impossible in 2020.

Explore the key marketing and sales tactics used by our most successful B2B businesses. Learn how they market to a targeted group of business customers en masse, and the distinct processes they're applying to close and onboard customers in this new era.

This event is led by 2 of the top minds in B2B sales and marketing.

Webinar outcomes

  • Identify new marketing tactics to attract business customers.
  • Understand what sales and marketing strategies are working for fast growing companies like Freelancer and Tyro.
  • Understand which channels are likely to be most effective for marketing your business.
  • Learn how businesses have adjusted their sales funnel in the era of Covid-19 to close and effectively onboard more quality customers.
  • Understand how the best companies run customer support and successful teams and how these approaches could be used in your business.

This event was facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi.